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Initial Coverage on Flying Mining (SEHK: 1625)

Ridiculous Sales Contracts & Largest Customer

Posted on 2017 Nov 14

Follow-up Report on China Household (SEHK:692)

Posted on 2017 Oct 6

Initial Coverage on Imperial Sierra (HK Listing Application submitted on 2017 Apr 3)

Another Fraud of Mr. Yip Kim Po

Posted on 2017 August 22

Initial Coverage on China Household (SEHK:692)

A Complete Scam

Posted on 2017 June 22

Rebuttal against Cogobuy Group's clarification announcement (SEHK:400)

Posted on 2017 May 30

Initial Coverage on Cogobuy Group (SEHK:400)

More than a decade of fraud

Posted on 2017 May 22